Strategic Partnerships

Our company is made up of decades of combined experience, uniting as strategic partners, and integrating the best qualities pertaining to each member of our valued team.

Jesse D. Allan

CEO, Full-Stack / Back-End Developer, lead hand in IT and IOT security. Founder and Executive Director.

Eimi Rodríguez

In charge of customer experience and international social networks, art, photography and interface development.

Andrei Hinodache

Independent executive consultant for cybersecurity products and services, organization and corporate vision.

Alain Pacheco

Desarrollador Web Full-stack, endurecimiento de sistemas, virtualización, sistemas operativos.

Alvaro Villacis

Director and VP of art, UX / UI user experience, Digital Marketing and all Front-end design.

Paul Moreno

VP of IT security, vision and corporate organization.

Jorge Orellana

Consultant in charge of telecommunications, connectivity, Fiber-Optics. Organization and corporate vision.

José Raul Salao

Consultor independiente de telecomunicaciones, soluciones iOT, cableado estructurado y robótica.

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